My Most Proud Moments- 30 Day Blog Challenge

The Guilt is killing me!!

Isn’t it weird that I have this much anxiety and guilt over skipping my Blog Challenge Post yesterday? We are just getting home from being Up North for a long weekend and I didn’t have the energy or inspiration to write yesterday. I spent the whole day feeling like crap over it. Stupid, I know!

Guilt and Worry

I’m going to quit feeling guilty right now…

Today I am just getting back into the swing of things so I am going to pick a different day off the list AGAIN. This might be becoming another bad habit. Ugh, just what I need! After reading through the list a thousand times I finally decided to write about my most proud moments.

The most obvious is when my 3 kids were born.

Not the actual process itself. I’m not one of those Super Moms that can have kids naturally. I walked in saying, “I want an epidural as soon as possible”. I didn’t have anything to prove. I wanted to enjoy the experience as much as possible. Not suffer through the pain like some people choose to do. The epidural doesn’t cross over to the baby and doesn’t alter your mind like the drugs they offered do. It just numbs you from the waist down so you don’t feel like you’re going to die anymore. Labor with my girls was long and grueling, with my third child Gabe it went easy peasy; aside from the fact that I was confined to the bed because the umbilical cord was in the wrong spot.

Enough about the labor let’s get on to the good part, the actual individuals I brought into this world.

Being a Mom

This is what I chose to do…

My oldest daughter Joslynn has accomplished many things.

A few are that she got her GED and she is a phenomenal singer. She gave me a perfect, spit fire grandson (my sidekick) and has another little boy on the way. He will grace us with his presence in July. She is engaged to a wonderful guy and they are a happy little family. I couldn’t ask for more for her.

My middle Daughter Paige is also a wonderful daughter.

She is a typical teenage girl with her mood swings and attitude. It wouldn’t be Paige if she didn’t have something to say about everything. She loves to read and I can always find her curled up somewhere with book. She is also awesome about cleaning and straightening up things around the house. Especially after Brayden the terrorizer comes over. That child keeps his Aunt Paige on her toes as far as cleaning up his messes. He actually sings, “Messy, messes, messy, messes” as he’s emptying all of his toys onto the ground ha-ha.

My youngest son Gabe is the entertainer of the house.

He is a very active 12 Year old boy. He plays football, rides dirt bikes (when he had one), and he is tough but sensitive. He is always looking for ways to make other people feel better. You could spend your day laughing at his comedic ways. He doesn’t even try to be funny most of the time. With his ADHD I think he is just as surprised at what comes out of his mouth as everybody else ha-ha. Seriously, I have always called him the poster child for the poster child of ADHD. Being ADHD myself I am allowed to say that. Brayden comes over to play with his Uncle Gabe. Gabe is really good at keeping Brayden busy. They destroy the house together. We bought Brayden a little Razor electric Motorcycle for Christmas (it’s too big for him). Uncle Gabe rides Brayden all over the house on the dirt bike (yes in the house) it’s really cold outside right now. Gabe struggles through school because of his ADHD but somehow remains to be positive about life (for the most part). I am always amazed at what he has accomplished so far in life. If it has to do with anything hands on he can do it and do it well.

ADHD ability


Another one of my most proud moments is when I personally Graduated High School.

I chose to lead a very rocky, hectic and tough childhood. Notice I said ‘chose’ it was no one’s fault but my own. I have great Christian parents, they did everything they could do to help me be a better person but I had to learn everything my own way and the hard way. I was a naughty teenager, if there was a choice I would pick the wrong one. Eventually I ended up unexpectedly pregnant with Joslynn. That is what finally got me to pull out of the bad rut I was in and get myself together. Joslynn was 2 and a half when I graduated High School, she was in the audience at my graduation yelling, “yeah mommy”. It was such a great feeling to know I accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. I owe it all to her (my angel baby) for helping me get my life together and started.

I have listed a couple of other proud mom moments below.

Joslynn was accepted and attending Eastern Michigan University. That is a great feat for someone who dropped out of school and had a baby, only to go back and get her GED and get a scholarship for her great scores.

Paige has been reading at a 12th Grade level since 6th Grade. That is totally awesome to have a daughter that advanced in reading.

Gabe started racing Dirt Bikes at 3 years old. I’m not blowing smoke; we really had him at the race track racing when he was 3 turning 4. He has won trophies bigger than himself. At 9 years old he could change the oil and rotate tires on a car by himself (I would supervise). His knowledge always amazes me.

This Video is of Gabe riding in our backyard in the snow at 4 years old… Watch it’s crazy…

These are just a few of my proudest moments; I could go on all day.

What is your most proud moment? Share in the comments below…

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23 thoughts on “My Most Proud Moments- 30 Day Blog Challenge

  1. That’s great! Your children sound lovely and you’re one pound mama! I always thought I was right when I was. Teenager too but now that I’ve grown to be more wise I realize that my parents just wanted the best for me. I am proud of a few things but I would say the two that stand out is a personal goal of mine with my body issues. I Can still remember the day when I was 17 and decided to change. It was wonderful to have stuck to something and reach a goal that allowed me to be more comfortable in my own skin. I also am
    Very proud of having traveled to see the places that I have and taken part of all the beautiful cultures in the world! I used to feel ashamed of the fact that I took a year of my life to go and see what’s out there but now I am the happiest that I went after what I wanted! Great post. Thank you for sharing. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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