Chapter From My Daughter’s New Book

This is going to be the cutest story when it’s done, #1 Best Seller…

Paige Wings

        “Janey’s Escape” By Paige Fritz

My 14-year-old daughter Paige is writing a book. This is a small tidbit of what she’s written. I think this is going to turn out awesome once it’s done.

Janey would tell me she has wings and that one day she would fly far far away. She told me this so many times that I believed she did have wings. I wanted Janey to show me her wings so I begged and cried because she would say,
“Do you want my wings to break?”
“No but, I want to see them.”
“Do you want your own wings?”
“Yes” I hiccuped.
“Close your eyes” she sounded so distant and full of sorrow
“But, I want my wings” I looked at her. Her eyes were closed she looked so peaceful and happy and like she was drifting away from me. So I closed my eyes.
“Think about flying. Imagine you’re above the world staring down at the ocean with the waves slapping the shore with the seagulls flying above the beach screaming at each other.”
So I did.
I was above the beach breathing in the salt water. I felt like I was there with the seagulls watching them scream at each other and fly down to the water and scoop up a catch that was 50% efficient.

That’s an impossible feeling. Feeling so close but, being so far away. I opened my eyes and Janey was watching me with the hint of a smile playing on her lips.
“That’s where you go when you close your eyes. Isn’t it?”
“Yes and now I share that place with you.”
This was the birth of a new sisterly relationship and we both knew it and a shadow of worry ghosted its way onto Janey’s face but, was quickly shoved in a box and replaced with joy that wasn’t all the way there. Janey got up and walked to her room. She came back a bit later in a new outfit and put a blood-red finger to her lips, walked to my double doors blew me a kiss and shimmied down my tree. When she came back it felt like years had passed. She laid down with me she smelt faintly like sour apple cider.

“Where’d you go?”
“To hang out with friends”
“What did you guys do?”
She leaned in close to my ear and whispered
“I’ll show you when you’re older”
“Pinky Promise?  I put up my pinky and she giggled and put hers up too and said in a very serious tone with a very un-serious smile placed on her lips
“Alice I pinky promise” and laid down with me her flaming brown hair fanning around her head. She looked like the most beautiful girl in the world and I knew one day I would be just like her. I had to be. I covered us both up and drifted away to a place that dragons mermaids fairies lived among each other along with talking cats and bunnies and you never grew old and nothing is impossible. Never land and Wonderland combined into one magical place where dreams come true. Where the impossible is possible, Dreamland.

No, this picture below is not of my daughter, Lol…

Wings Tatoo

“Janey’s Escape” By Paige Fritz

Tell us what you think so far! I think she’s done a great job at only 14 years old…

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