My Guilty Pleasures – 30 Day Blog Challenge

Why should I feel guilty for anything??? I do though, so here are a few…

Peanut butter, definitely Peanut butter is #1.

I have a ridiculous love for peanut butter. Every night I have to get a spoon and my own personal jar of the deliciousness and scoop away. I recently found the one with honey in it and oh my lord is it delectable. My son Gabe and I used to argue over the who’s jar is who’s problem. I solved that, I now write my name in sharpie on my nighttime stash. I have my grandson Brayden addicted to eating Peanut butter on a spoon before bed too. When he stays the night here he has to have a big old spoonful with me before bedtime.

Honey Roast Peanut ButterListening to 90’s Love Songs Loudly

My kids hate it when ‘mom gets in one of her moods’. I will totally jam out to Skid Row, Warrant, Poison, Damn Yankees you get the point. When I’m rocking the music way to loud I have to spend most of my time getting the death stare that screams are you kidding me, mom, from my kids! I play the card that, “I pay the bills I will do what I want”. Enough said.

Drinking Diet Pepsi straight out of the 2 liter

If I’m not drinking my coffee I’m drinking my Diet Pepsi. I drink it straight out of the bottle so that my kids won’t drink it all. I have cooties so my kids won’t drink it knowing I have been drinking straight from the bottle. There is nothing worse than going to the fridge expecting to find your nice cool refreshing soda and wait a minute, you little ****** who drank all of my pop… Problem solved!

2 Liter Diet PepsiClipping coupons and making a grocery list

I know it sounds weird but I love the idea of saving all that money. Notice the word idea? I don’t actually ever get out and go to the store so my list and coupons sit on the counter just waiting for me to go. It’s a running joke around here about my couponing; they tell me I have to actually go to the store and use them to be a couponer. “Pish posh” I say. That’s just a technicality. If you read this other post you would know a little about my horrible Anxiety 14 Things About Hellbilly Mama- 30 Day Blog Challenge.

Watching the price drop down at the grocery store after using my Rewards Card and/or coupons

I know after reading the last one you are wondering about this one. I do actually get out every now and then. When I do this is my favorite part at the Grocery Store. You know what I’m talking about. You’re at the checkout and the cashier asks you for your Savings Card BEFORE they ring up your stuff, oh hell no! I want to be able to watch all those numbers flash lower, and then in the end I can see my before and after totals. I have had many arguments with cashiers that want my card first. I have been known to pretend to dig through my purse forever so they get impatient and start ringing up without it. I never bend on this one. It’s a matter of principle.

Looking up and printing Cleaning, Organization and To Do List

Yup I have a problem! I am addicted to list. I love the gratification of finding a new list online that I don’t already have saved. It is the best feeling, heck yes! I don’t use 99% of them, but I have them for when I need them. Yes they are nicely stored in my handy dandy Binders by category. I have great intentions of using them one day so I can’t get rid of them. Don’t even think that!

Printable Planner

Daily Planner

Making Binders

Oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Binders. I make covers and spine sheets for them so I know what is in each binder. I love coming up with the names for the binders too; like Homemade Goodness, Sustainable Living etc. I can keep all of my pintables from above neatly organized. When someone asks me for something I know right where to look for it. I am the go to person for all things that involve list for my friends and family. I am currently in the process of updating my Recipe Binders, they got a little out of control so I have to organize them and make new ones.

 Pretending to be Rachael Ray

I understand how weird that sounds but seriously the woman can cook! She has soooo many nifty gadgets and cool things. I love to use her catchy little sayings and cool kitchen tools (the few that I can afford). I swear her and I could be best friends if she just gave me a chance. Lol

Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray

So give me your thought below on what you thought of my list of guilty pleasures or one of your own guilty pleasures. I would love to here from you! 

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