Earliest Childhood Memory– 30 Day Blog Challenge

I don’t remember what exact age I would have been, but I know I was young. I was probably around 5 years old or so.

Map of Lachine Michigan

Map of Lachine Michigan

Every summer as long as I can remember growing up we would go to my Great Uncle Enos’ Dairy Farm in Alpena Michigan (Lachine, MI actually). It was always so awesome to be there in the original Farm house built in the early 1900’s by my Great Grandparents after they came over from Germany. The old farmhouse was made of actual stones that the kids (they had 9 kids) had to collect from the land.

The door to the farmhouse was set-up on an industrial size spring that if you weren’t fast enough walking in it would slam shut on you heels (ouch).

That dang door got me many times through the years. That old door also had a real true cowbell hanging on it that would jingle-jangle every time it would slam shut. I truly do mean SLAM too! I got the bell from the farm after Uncle Enos died, it now hangs on my main door, and I love it as much now as I did then.

Cowbell From The Farm

Cowbell From The Farm

 Getting on to my earliest memory.

We would wake up pretty early on the farm when we were visiting. My Grandma would always be down in the kitchen ‘preparing breakfast’. My sister Krista and I would beg to go out and watch Uncle Enos and his helpers Milk the Cows. Grandma would of course let us go out to bug them and ‘help them’. These cows were huge compared to us, they would attach the milking machines onto a bazillion cows and all you could here was the mooing and the milking machine making the woosh-woosh air sucking sound. It was always a great experience!

Now for the fun part!

Uncle Enos always had Australian Dingo Dogs on the Farm. Some of which were pretty mean. My sister and I would have to try and make it from the milking barn back to the house running like hell because those dang dogs would chase us biting our already raw heals (from the door). We were too young and dumb to realize we needed to sneak out of the barn and not scream as we ran because it only brought on more dogs and more chaos out of the whole situation.

Australian Dingo Dog

Australian Dingo Dog

The dogs were just fine as long as Uncle Enos was right there with us, they didn’t bother us or anyone else at all. But look out if you tried driving up the driveway or walking around without Uncle Enos. He had one dog that would bite holes into the tires of visiting cars as they drove up. Yup I know, lawsuit waiting to happen.

Looking back at the memory, I wouldn’t change any of the drama, screaming, crying or bloody heals for anything. I miss those days up on the farm.

Was your first childhood memory as good as mine? Comment below…..

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13 thoughts on “Earliest Childhood Memory– 30 Day Blog Challenge

  1. I love reading about your sweet memory. Those were definitely the days of hard work! Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing; you have a great memory especial for the tender age of 5 years old. 9 kids. Wow. I myself come from a family of 7 kids; I’m LDS, (Mormon), and was raised with good morals and values and was taught how to work hard. I have many memories.
    I have to share the sweetest video with you about a member of the Mormon church who talks about his child memory. It’ll bring you to tears I guarantee.
    Let me know what you think of this sweet story.
    Hope to hear from you soon; I love thinking about the good old days.


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