Coupons and Savings

If You Shop At Walmart You Have To Read This

Walmart Savings Catcher

If you shop at Walmart you have to download their new Walmart Savings Catcher app. You can also use their website instead of the app. I have used it several times now and I’ve gotten money back every time. Also, if you sign up for the money you saved to go to a free Bluebird card you get double your savings right now.

This app is easy and it really works. You just shop as usual and after you’re done scan the bar-code on the bottom of your receipt or enter the numbers in the website. Walmart checks local ad prices for the products you bought and gives you the difference in money back as credit for next time you shop. I’m serious, it’s that easy. They do all the work for you and give you back the money too. Whoever came up with this is pure genius. I love saving every penny I can and this really does give you back the money. Last time I went shopping I received the sale price difference for pop, bananas, onions, paper towel and wheat thins.

There is no catch or gimmick to this. It’s just straight up an easy way to save money. Give it a try, you can see for yourself.

Coupon Mom- Another Great Coupon Website

Coupon Mom Website

Another money-saving website I can’t live without. This website lets you pick your State, Store and deal matchups(items) easily. You than generate the list of items you picked (checked off) print it clip your coupons then shop. The big difference with this site from Bargains to Bounty is that you can pick the deals you want to print instead of having the entire list of matchups. Your list is just that YOUR list of items you want. The website is full of great information and deals; since it is a National coupon website every store you can think of is listed. She also has her own coupon database and a ton of links to coupons.

My favorite add-on to her site is the ability to search for an item on sale. I can put in any item on my shopping list and find out if it’s on sale, how much, where to buy it and where to get (print) a coupon for the item. If you are a WalMart shopper this is extra rewarding since WalMart price matches every store that is on the list. All you have to do is search the item write it down or print it out and tell the cashier you want to price match another store and how much it cost. You can still use the coupon too. I know! It’s awesome! I love keeping money in my pocket instead of in the cash register.

The websites are easy to use and are a great way to save extra money every time you need to go to the store. I’m telling you you’re crazy if you don’t give it a try. Unless of course you have more money to burn than me, go ahead waste your money.


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