About Hellbilly Mama

I am Self-Diagnosed as “Crazy, OCD, Paranoid and Bipolar”

AKA – Mom, Maid, Chauffeur, Doctor, Teacher, Chef, IT Tech, Alarm Clock and Counselor. I have 3 awesome, unique and demanding kids Joslynn (20 yrs. old), Paige (14 yrs. old) and Gabe (12 yrs. old), and 1 awesome spitfire grandson Brayden (2 yrs. old) that is my sidekick they all contribute fully to the above job positions.

Andrea Fritz- Hellbilly Mama

Andrea Fritz- Hellbilly Mama

I am officially old….

Yup I’m 40 now. It’s crazy how in my mind I still feel young but my body is definitely feeling more than 40 years old. Don’t get me wrong my memory has gone buh-bye! I’ve been missing that for years. Read more about me here in 30 Day Blog Challenge- Introduction About Hellbilly Mama.

We (I) also have 3 dogs Bocephus, Daisy and the 12 wk. old puppy Dixie, 3 cats (5 kittens 2 wks. old) btw – momma kitty didn’t like being tied down and took off 2 days ago, so now we (I) am bottle feeding the kittens every 2 hours, 6 Chickens (laying Hens), and 1 Pot Belly Pig named Bacon.

I really have officially gone to Hell….

Hell, Michigan that is, we moved here 9 years ago. It’s nice being out here in the middle of nowhere we are close enough to civilization to get to town in 20 min, but far enough away to be the Hellbillies that we are. Read more here about the name Hellbilly Mama in 30 Day Blog Challenge- Meaning behind the name Hellbilly Mama.


Hell Michigan

Hell Michigan


If you have a question contact me by email below:


8 thoughts on “About Hellbilly Mama

  1. Hi! I have found you through the link up party and so glad that I did! I have four kids and feel like I could be considered OCD too!! Only, no one else in this house is on board (its a one woman battle for order)!! 🙂

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