Requesting Continued Prayers For Gage

Thanks for all the Loving Support and Prayers for Gage…


Update for Saturday February 21, 2015!

Hey Everybody!!! This is a Gage update…

He was admitted to the Hospital on Thursday and kept overnight for his next Chemo Infusion. We were hoping and praying for a quick and easy process, and we got it (Thank you God)! He is struggling a bit with swelling in his legs and cute little face the last couple of days and so we had hoped to find out whether we need to worry about that, but didn’t get an answer. Regardless, Thank you for the prayers that this process would be easier than in the past and that he continues to improve every day.

The IV went in on the first try!!!!! Yay!!

He’s had roughly 9 of them and this is the only one to go right in!! We’re off to a great start! Because his Blood Count is so low, his veins don’t lie to take the needle like normal. This causes a problem when drawing blood and putting the IV’s in.

When his Blood Results came back, his Creatine (kidney function) is getting better!! It was at 2.7 last week and 2.4 today (It should be at .5 so we still have a way to go)!!! His blood count went up a little too! 9.5 Versus 9.3 last week. A smidge closer to the 14 it is supposed to be at!!! This is all good news!

We don’t think the swelling is abnormal for what’s going on.

They are more worried about the occasional high blood pressure that’s happening with it all. So they are adding high blood pressure medicine (as needed) to his array of meds. He will continue to get the shots to increase his blood count every couple of weeks (Krista gets to give him shots at home). He had to get one before he went home from the Hospital on Friday. They seem to be working a little! Since his levels are slowly creeping up.

According to Krista under the circumstances Gage is doing really well! I think he’s bored and sick of hospital food and we are all REALLY tired. Ultimately though he’s good!

Gage, Krista, Travis and Jazmin have felt much love through the support and Prayers from everyone. This has been a scary, hard and painful journey with Gage. His recovery from the Kidney Damage has come slower than we thought and would like, but it IS slowly coming!

God Is Amazing

I said a Prayer For You

Even though the progress has been relatively slow but steady, we know God is there holding their hands.

The Lord holds us in his firm and loving grip. They have an army of friends who are standing with them, an army who is traveling with them on this journey (yup, that’s you).

For that they are truly grateful. Thank you!!

Send Gage your love and support in the Comments below and PLEASE keep Praying…

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Gage’s Kidney problems

Last Time I Cried- 30 Day Blog Challenge

This is a very sad story!!

if you are

I normally like to keep my post upbeat and positive. If I am going to write honestly than I need to tell you the truth about the last time I cried. I really don’t cry very often, sometimes I wonder if my crier is broken. There are definite situations I have encountered that I should be crying about but I can’t. This one for obvious reasons did get me going several different times; I did manage to keep it together most of the time by looking at the big picture and not the here and now.

In early December I received a call from my Mother In-law asking if Eric was home from work yet, he wasn’t. She completely lost it and informed me that my 31 year old brother in law Andy was dead. We are all from Michigan but a few years ago Andy moved to West Virginia for work. He was single and lived in an apartment down there by himself. He did come up to hang out and visit us in Michigan one to two weekends a month though.

I will give you a little history, a month and a half before his death he wasn’t feeling well so he went to the doctors to find out what was wrong with him. He found out he had a Liver Disease. After a week in the hospital and Outpatient Treatment he was expected to get better and recover from this. He came home to Michigan for Thanksgiving and his skin and eyes were greenish yellow, he looked awful. He had scheduled an appointment with a bigger Liver Clinic (in Pennsylvania) for the following Monday since the rinky dink Doctor’s Office he was currently going to wasn’t helping him. He went to his first appointment on that Monday; they ordered Blood Work and scheduled him a follow up appointment. He died less than a week later on Sunday, he was found on Monday by the police.

His work was worried about him because they couldn’t get a hold of him so they sent the Police to his apartment to check on him. The Police found him dead in his bed. As of February 15, 2015 we are still waiting for the Autopsy results for the cause of death. The stupid thing is you could look at him and tell he was definitely sick, what is the hold up here. Without the completed Autopsy there is no Death Certificate, with no Death Certificate I am having a hard time taking care of his financial matters (I am in charge of his Estate).


Like I have said numerous times in other Post;

I try to look at the positive in every situation and make the best of everything life throws my way. I have cried several times about Andy being gone but each time I am able to pull myself together by remembering that not only does “Everything Happen for a Reason” , he is in Heaven in a better more peaceful place.

One of the biggest positive things that have happened directly related to Andy’s death is how close we have become with Eric’s parents. I am sitting here writing this on the couch of their cabin up north, we all came up here as a family for the second time in the last two months. In the last 8 years we have never been on a family vacation with them. We also talk to them almost every day and see them about 1 time a week. I love hanging out with them and can’t believe it took 8 years and Andy’s death to bring us together. But I am glad it did.

My mother in law Val and I have a lot more in common that we ever knew.

She is an avid sewer and ‘crafter’ like me. We both love going to Auctions (we went twice this weekend) and had a blast. They enjoy my kids and my kids love hanging out with them. All in all, it is a blessing in disguise. I am just sorry it had to all start because of the death of someone as great as Andy. He is missed greatly.

When was the last time you cried? Was it over something silly or serious? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Gage’s Kidney problems

Kidney Disease Food Chart

Kidney Disease Food Chart

This is a summary of the Kidney’s and what they are and aren’t doing for Gage.

from my post Gage’s Medical Update For Sunday

Gage’s Kidneys are working at 25% right now. They are not producing the Hormone needed to create Blood and Bone Marrow. He had to get a injection in the hospital to make his body produce the hormone. They are hoping that his Kidney’s will start producing the hormone on its own again so he won’t need more of that injection. 



What do my kidneys do?

The main job of the kidneys is to filter wastes and extra water out of your blood to make urine (pee). Every day your kidneys filter about 120 to 150 quarts of blood—that’s about 30 gallons— and sift out one to two quarts of extra water and waste products. This waste and extra water become urine (pee).

Your kidneys: Gage’s Kidney’s aren’t doing this….

  • Control chemicals and fluid in your body
  • Help control your blood pressure
  • Help keep your bones healthy (Produce a Hormone that makes Bone Marrow)
  • Help you make red blood cells

What is kidney disease?

Because your kidneys filter waste, regulate blood pressure, make red blood cells, and keep bones healthy, when your kidneys aren’t working as well as they should, your overall health begins to decline. When your kidneys have been permanently damaged and aren’t functioning as well as they should, it’s called chronic kidney disease (CKD), or kidney disease for short. The  damage to the kidneys from CKD can get worse over time.  If the damage is very bad, your kidneys may stop working.  This is called kidney failure.  If your kidneys fail, you will need dialysis or a kidney transplant in order to live.

Dialysis starts when your Kidney function drops to 15%

When should I start dialysis?

National Kidney Foundation (NKF) guidelines recommend you start dialysis when your kidney function drops to 15 percent or less—or if you have severe symptoms caused by your kidney disease, like shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle cramps or nausea and vomiting. Your doctor will help you decide, based on lab tests that measure how much kidney function you have left and on your symptoms.

How is CKD treated?

With CKD, the damage to your kidneys is usually permanent.  It cannot be fixed, but you can take steps to help slow down the CKD and keep the damage from getting worse.

  • Control your blood sugar if you have diabetes
  • Keep a healthy blood pressure
  • Eat a heart healthy diet (low in salt and fat)
  • Exercise most days of the week
  • Keep a healthy weight
  • Do not smoke or use tobacco
  • Limit alcohol

If you treat kidney disease early, you may be able to slow it down!

Gage’s Medical Update For Sunday

Gage and Krista At Home

Gage seems to be doing better..

On Friday after coming home from the hospital Gage’s Medical Update- He still needs our Prayers and support he was exhausted. He slept a ton, and then got to sleep in on Saturday morning. During the day on Saturday he had more energy and had a lot of visitors come see him. That’s good for his recovery, keeping his spirits up.

He is exhausted and weak because his Kidney’s are only functioning at 25% and not making the blood and Bone Marrow that they are supposed to.

It’s a good thing they have him on so many Steroids, it will build his muscles up for the weakness lol.

He goes back in next week on Tuesday for a blood draw and then to the Nephrology/Rheumatology Clinic (Kidney Doctor) on Wednesday. Hopefully they will find out a lot more then.

His next Chemo Therapy Treatment is in 2 weeks.

Gage also has to eat a low sodium diet. Krista is struggling with recipes and finding food for his low sodium diet, if you have any recipes to share put them in the comments below.

Keep up the prayers and comments to show Gage our support.

I promised you more information about his Kidney problems:

Click this link to learn more  from my post about Gage’s Kidney problems

Gage’s Medical Update- He still needs our Prayers and support

This is as of 1:31 pm on Friday – Gage needs our prayers and support more than ever now that he will be at home and not closely monitored by the hospital staff. This is what we know since Gage Update For Friday Morning. The Kidney Doctor just met with them. They are letting Gage go home today. He said the inflammation in his system is going down. That means he will likely only have to do 3 more Chemo Therapy Treatments verses 6 like they initially thought. This is good news, if he continues to improve.

They won’t know whether his kidneys are making Bone Marrow on their own for the next few weeks. They have to do a few more blood tests (a few weeks’ worth). Please say Prayers that he doesn’t have to continue getting injections to produce blood. Since his Kidney’s aren’t doing it on their own.

He will get weekly blood draws to check blood and kidney function. So it will be a while before we know if his kidney function will ever improve or just stay working at only 25%.  If you want to know more about his disease read this post from yesterday Gage’s Kidney levels are getting worse.

They expect him to be tired for a couple of weeks but he should be mostly back to normal activities after 3 weeks or so. Best part is that the rest of his infusion treatments should be outpatient. Yaaa!!

A little snafu happened this afternoon, the nurse took Gage’s IV out and all was good for a minute. He went into the bathroom to get dressed and he started pumping blood out of the IV site. After 10 minutes of pressure the nurse has him taped up and good to go. They aren’t sure why that happened, it might be from the medications he has to take. Hopefully it’s nothing serious.

Continue to post comments for Gage below this post. He loves to know he has all of your prayers and support more than anything else.

I will post more in-depth later about his Kidney Disease (problems)….. I will also continue to keep you updated once he gets home and settled in…….

Gage Leaving Hosptal

Gage Leaving Hosptal

Gage Update For Friday Morning

Keep Praying! It was a long night. Gage started his 1st Chemo Treatment at 9:30 pm last night. They had to wake him up every hour to pee until 5:00 am. The Chemo can’t sit in his Kidney’s or Bladder or it will cause more damage.

They had to wait all day yesterday for his urine counts to go up high enough. They needed to be at safe levels for the harshness of Chemo Therapy to not hurt him more.

As of 11:58 am – We are waiting for the Doctors to have a meeting and then come back with an update. I will update you once we find out more today.

Gage is so happy, surprised and grateful for all the support and prayers from the post Gage’s Kidney levels are getting worse. It is keeping his spirits up to read the comments and hear that sooo many people care about him. He loves to laugh, so thank you for the humor at times in the comments too.

Show your support! Comment to Gage at the bottom of this post..

Here is a cute picture from last night of Gage and my Grandson Brayden chillin’ in the hospital bed watching Finding Nemo.

Gage and Brayden

Gage, Brayden and Travis


Gage’s Kidney levels are getting worse

Gage Hospital Vasculitis

Gage Hospital

We really need your prayers hard and heavy right now. Come on friends let’s pull together and help Gage. They just found out that his blood count and Kidney numbers are going lower instead of higher. The Kidney Doctors just came and talked to them. He can’t go home now and they are starting him on Chemo Treatments.

His blood count is at 8 grams/dL right now, Normal is 14 – 18 grams/dL . That means he has almost half the blood in his body that he is supposed to have. The Kidneys are what is supposed to be producing the blood and they aren’t doing it because of the bleeding caused by his Vasculitis. This is a totally different story from yesterday’s Gage is Out of Surgery and Feeling Good.

Vasculitis is a general term for a specific type of Autoimmune Disease. The Doctors have decided that the type Gage has is called “Good Pastures” (not very good). I have posted some information about it below but you can find More Info Here also.

Gage’s Disease is getting worse instead of better; please pray with us that a miracle will happen. He is trying to stay in good spirits; at this point in time any good news will help him. Thank you for following along with us on this horrible journey, we greatly appreciate all of the support you are giving Gage. Please post comments of support to Gage on this post. He would love to hear from everyone.

New text from my sister Krista – “Please continue praying….We don’t get to go home now. The biopsy shows his kidneys are a bit worse than we thought they would be. So they are starting chemo treatments in a bit. He doesn’t have cancer but they use chemo as an intense immunosuppressant. Big bummer. They’ve told us that this is serious. But they are pretty confident that adding the new treatment will work to stop more kidney damage. They referred to his kidney inflammation as a raging forest fire. 😔

Goodpasture’s Disease (also known as Goodpasture Syndrome, anti-glomerular basement membrane disease, anti-GBM disease) is an uncommon condition which can cause rapid destruction of the kidneys and bleeding into the lungs. Most physicians reserve the name Goodpasture’s disease (or syndrome) for the disease produced when the immune system attacks a particular molecule that is found in the kidney and the lung, the Goodpasture antigen. Confusingly, some use the term ‘Goodpasture Syndrome’ to refer to any patient with lung hemorrhage and severe nephritis, regardless of which disease caused it.

Kidney disease

The kidney disease primarily involves the glomeruli (filtering units). It is usually only recognized when an explosive acceleration of the disease process occurs, so that kidney function can be lost in days (rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis, RPGN; also known as crescentic nephritis). Blood leaks into the urine, the amount of urine passed declines, and fluid and urea and other waste products are retained in the body. This is renal failure. Renal failure only causes symptoms when 80% or more of the total function of the kidney has been lost, and at first symptoms may be very vague: loss of appetite moves on to sickness, and when kidney damaged is advanced, breathlessness, high blood pressure, and swelling caused by fluid retention.