Personality Traits I am Proud Of- 30 Day Blog Challenge

Let me be honest here, I had to actually look up a list of personality traits so I could pick the ones that pertain to me. Loser I know! I sat here staring at the screen for a while drawing a blank before I decided to ask Google for help. I’m really terrible at coming up with positive things about myself. I usually save my positive thoughts for other people.


I am constantly doing silly things. I jump and dance around with my kids. No that video was not of me twerking on YouTube, and no my daughter did not upload it (I made her take it off). There are days that I talk in silly accents all morning. I have been known to lay my seat back in the car, do the lean and drive with one hand while jamming out the radio (my kids hate this). I have gone out to the bus stop and climbed the tree while waiting for my kids to get off the bus; so when they got dropped off their mom was in the tree (how embarrassing). I ride the shopping cart around the store and in the parking lot, come on you know you’ve always wanted to be that crazy lady.

As I’ve said before I am always Hellbilly rigging everything which makes me creative, inventive and resourceful. My creativity also shows up in my crafts and cooking. I love creating new things. I make my own curtains, cleaning supplies etc. I also create stuff for dinner (sometimes not so good). I will look at what we have and decide to make a pot of ‘something’. I use my resourcefulness to be inventive. Some of my inventive skills work out good and some don’t. Like the hammock Incident where I Hellbilly rigged a hammock to a T Post (metal fence post) and a wooden swing frame. I ended up knocking myself out cold and busted my head open (ouch). Another fail is when I rigged a shelf up in our laundry room only to later find the shelf and everything that was on it on the floor. On a positive note I did rig up a lot of things that didn’t fail too, like our old swimming pool. It was one of the big ones that had the air ring around the top of it. Somehow it got a slow leak that I couldn’t find but I had to fill the stupid thing with air every day (very annoying). I took an inner tube from my sons peddle bike and cut the air filler part off and super glued it to the filler hole so I could easily fill the pool with air every day. This actually saved me hours out of my summer.

I am a very easygoing, friendly and understanding person. If you read my other post about my grandson spending the night Did I Even Sleep Last Night??  You would know that I can tolerate a lot. I love to have unexpected visitors show up. I go with the flow easily. Nothing really throws me off except having to leave my house. I love making friends with people and I will talk to anyone. I am the person that people call if they have a problem, I am a good shoulder to cry on because I have been there done that. Let it out sister, I understand!

Being practical is also one of my personality traits. I blame this on the way I grew up. Everything has a second purpose. Nothing should be wasted, cherish the things you have. I see a purpose for something and do it or use it. This trait also makes me a hoarder since I save everything. It’s kind of scary sometimes the stuff that I have when someone needs something.

I can saying

My most valued personality traits are being optimistic, hopeful and cheerful. Throughout my life I have had many struggles and complications. I have managed to stay positive regardless of what has or hasn’t happened to me. I have lived through my first house out on my own burning to the ground. Then the death of my husband at 32 years old; which led to my horrible panic attacks and anxiety. Numerous surgeries and medical problems (the hammock incident caused some of them). Those are just naming a few things. Even though I have been through a ton in my 40 years I have managed to do more than just keep my head above water. I hang on to the hope that one day I will be able to get over my panic attacks, and be a ‘normal’ person again. I am always in a good mood and acting silly. I take every day as a blessing and realize life is way too short to fret about the small things.

Tell me in the comments below your best personality trait; you don’t even have to say why.

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9 thoughts on “Personality Traits I am Proud Of- 30 Day Blog Challenge

  1. You are definitely a sensitive, caring, helpful, intelligent person. You do our complicated taxes and help us figure out piles of other paperwork almostly weekly. Thank you for that! Oh yes, if we mention that something is broken, you usually have the part that we need to make the repair. Yay!

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