14 Things About Hellbilly Mama- 30 Day Blog Challenge

Wow, this is going to be harder than I thought….

Here are 14 silly things about me that you probably don’t know!

  • I love old Be-Bop and Big Band Music 

    – No really I do, if the music has a boppy beat I love it

  • I make homemade stuff for our house lotion bars, laundry soap, hand soap, All my cleaners, Clorox wipes

    – I will post more about this anther day but it’s true, I make all of our stuff homemade. Eric does buy some of the real stuff too though. He hates my homemade hand soap and prefers store bought laundry soap for his clothes. This Christmas I started making my own Homemade Lotion Bars and Homemade Lotion Bars in Containers and gave them away as presents. Everyone loves them and begs for more. I am totally addicted to making my own stuff. Eric hates the Amazon bill though. I have to buy it in bulk to get better pricing. In the end it’s all better, safer and organic. So I will keep doing it. Maybe I should start selling it, hmmm!

Homemade Lotion Bar Container

  • I sleep on the couch

    – My bed upstairs is so comfortable I can’t get up. Also, I make Eric crazy all night with my flipping and flopping around so I keep him up all night. I decided it’s just easier to sleep on the couch.

  • I don’t do the dishes

    – I absolutely hate doing the dishes. It is the one chore we have made the kids stick to religiously. I used to love making it a punishment when they were naughty. Now it’s just their job taking turns every other day.

  • I keep a list of the TV Shows I’m currently watching

    – No really, I have an app Sidereel that tells me what show is on and I check the box when I have watched the show. It keeps track of everything for me that way I don’t miss any episodes.

  • I make 3 Ring Binders for everything

    – I currently have over 20 different binders not including the Homeschooling (Preschool) binders. Some examples of my binders are home management, recipes, gardening, family stuff, relationship stuff, homemade items and a blogging binder among others. I know! I’m crazy!

3 Ring Binders

  • I never leave the house

    – I am actually embarrassed about this one. I have severe anxiety and it makes it really hard for me to leave my nice 5 acres here in Hell. I usually leave the house about 1 time every 3 weeks or so. In case you’re wondering Amazon and the UPS man are my best friends lol.

  • I am obsessed with this blog (shhh)

    –  I try to say I’m not but I really am. I am having a blast with it and enjoying every second of research and writing. I just can’t admit this to Eric; he thinks he’s always right. Read more about that here Introduction about Hellbilly Mama.

  • I prefer to roll my own cigarettes and drink cheap beer

    – I really do prefer it over the ‘real thing’. I don’t like the fact that I smoke cigarettes at all, my plan is to quit soon (more on that another day). I buy the tobacco and filters and use my little machine to roll my own cigs. They are way cheaper, taste better and have fewer chemicals in them. As far as the beer goes, if you know me you know my favorite beer really is Busch Light. I don’t drink that often, but when I do have a beer I prefer it to be a nice cold Busch Light. Funny, I know!


  • I was afraid of my Serger up until 1 month ago

    – I posted about being afraid of it here I found my sewing Serger in the chaos. I then became a big girl and decided to give it a try and I made Pot Holders. I have now used it several times and I even taught Gabe (12 yrs. old) how to use it. I really feel like an idiot waiting for so long.

Serger's are Scary

Serger’s are Scary

  • I love preschool as much as Brayden does

    – Really I do! We have a blast doing our pasting, morning board, songs and worksheets. I love it! I wrote a little bit about it here on my Introduction about Hellbilly Mama. Watch for more post about our Preschool.

  • I don’t own a running vehicle

    – I haven’t had my own vehicle in 2 years. My van’s Transmission went out in March 2 years ago and I never had the money to get it fixed.

  • I drink coffee all day

    – Kind of self-explanatory. I LOVE coffee, it’s one of my guilty pleasures. I usually drink about ¾ of a pot a day. My favorite is Pumpkin Spice flavored coffee, but it’s pretty seasonal. Give me a shout if you see it in the stores.

Coffee Mmmmm

Coffee Mmmmm

  • My house needs to be cleaned and dusted badly

    – I have way too many important things to do other than just simply pick up the junk laying around. My house is 3,000 square foot, so by the time I get it thoroughly cleaned I have to start all over. Plus I love this blog so much I don’t want to clean. See #7.

  • I hope you enjoyed this little snip-it of information about me. I really feel silly writing about myself so I’m sorry if it was too corny. Please Comment below what you thought of it…

24 thoughts on “14 Things About Hellbilly Mama- 30 Day Blog Challenge

  1. I drink alot of coffee too and I make lists for everything!!!! I keep a list of TV Shows that I watch too. My favourite right now is Stalker. That series is too real like in a edge of the seat ‘no he didn’t’ kinda way. Great post!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Being a music lover, I, too, confess… I enjoy the be-bop and big band music! I used to live and work at the ski resort in sun valley, Idaho. They always played big band music, and often paid tribute to the Glenn Miller Orchestra. Thanks for that trip down memory lane!

    Thank you for linking up at Party Under The Big Top #BigTopBlogParty

    Liked by 1 person

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  5. I think it awesome that you make all that stuff yourself, wish I did myself. I do not think your post is corny at all. I actually appreciate all the honesty involved in it. #BigTopBlogParty


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