Pet Peeves Of Hellbilly Mama- 30 Day Blog Challenge

Baby talk, bay talk it’s a wonder you can walk!!!

wonder women hell no

I am a positive person by nature so I try to not dislike too many things. I AM human so I do have a few pet peeves to list. Once again, because I am Up North for a long weekend with my family I had to switch up the daily topic. I don’t have my recipes or any old photos of me here Up North. I am picking and choosing from the Challenge list as I go.

Ok on with the Challenge for today, one of my biggest pet peeves is baby talk. Having 3 kids I have had to deal with a ton of it. My kids learned at a very young age that I WILL NOT tolerate any form of it. That however has not stopped my kid’s friends throughout the years from coming over and baby talking. I am never mean or angry except when it comes to kids and adults speaking like fake infants. If you think about it babies and toddlers don’t even talk like that. I think it’s an attention seeking thing; they only do it because they know it annoys people.

I have been known to ban my kids’ friends from coming back over to the house if they don’t stop while they are visiting. I most definitely have sang the song like a two year old, “baby talk, baby talk it’s a wonder you can walk” to many teenagers. I mean seriously! When they talk like babies it makes me turn into an angry two year old. I feel ridiculous for it but I can’t help it.

Another one of my pet peeves is negative people.

I am the first one to call someone out on being negative. This is kind of a catch twenty two considering my boyfriend is one of the most negative persons I’ve ever met. If he says something positive we all look at him like he’s grown a third head. I am a firm believer that if you are a positive person you live a happier more fulfilling life no matter what happens to you. Your outlook on life plays a big part in the things that happen to you. The more positive you act toward and around people the better they feel about themselves.

Being self-centered and conceded is another big one for me.

This trait in people is not only a big turn off, it is impossible to have a ‘normal’ conversation with someone like this. Have you ever tried to actually talk to someone that only cares about their own opinion or themselves? It is literally impossible. They tend to talk to hear themselves talk. There is now way you will ever be able to get your own opinion heard let alone considered. I am a talker by nature, but when it comes to a person like this I have finally learned it’s much easier to just let them go, smile and nod. It’s not even worth your breath to get in on the conversation they are having with themselves.

What is one or some of your biggest pet peeves? Tell me in the comments below.

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22 thoughts on “Pet Peeves Of Hellbilly Mama- 30 Day Blog Challenge

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  3. My biggest Pet Peeve is when adults ask what subdivision you live in? Like where someone lives has anything to do with who they are. This happens so much at my daughters school. Adults acting like children. I had a mother ( right in front if me ) tell her daughter. ….we don’t play with them ok? They don’t live in our sub. I just looked at her and said. Your house and heating bill are bigger then mine. But I can assure you my home has a lot more love. Why do some people get so hung up on that crap? It’s NUTS.

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  4. Oh Lordy.. I have a ton of pet peeves.. Don’t get me started! (wait – does this make me a negative person?) I agree with the baby talk. It’s got to go! I think one of my biggest pet peeves is to be ignored. (but I’m definitely not conceited!). It kills me if I can see someone has read my message and they havent responded within 24 hours. (although I will openly admit that I am terrible when it comes to responding to comments made on my own blog) Hmmm now you’ve got me re-evaluating how I feel about certain things and my own actions.

    Thank you for tossing your hat into the ring at the Party Under The Big Top! We hope to see you again next week! #BigTopBlogParty

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  6. UGH Baby Talk is the worst! Especially when grown adults are doing it and in public even or worse yet to their tiny little dogs! I just want to run those people over in my truck… Not that I would actually do it! I also agree with the negative people thing. My sister and I have nicknamed a few family members as well as friends “Eeyore” as not only are they negative but, my other pet peeve, feel sorry for me blah blah blah when there life is nothing to feel sorry for them about! Okay, I’ll stop there! Thank you for joining us and linking up to Party Under the Big Top! Hope to see you again next time!

    Wishing you a fabulous week!

    Much love,
    Lysa xx
    Welcome to My Circus

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  7. Baby talk makes me want to ram a pick in my head! One of my biggest pet peeves is LOTTERY GUY, that person that stares at the wall of 30 something scratch offs and treats it like he’s playing Keno in Vegas. This is after he turned in a bunch of lottery tickets for six dollars in winnings and I’m in line behind him waiting to pay .85 cents for a fountain drink and running 10 minutes late to work.

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  8. My pet peeve is being interrupted when I’m telling a story! A story has a rhythm to it. The last thing I want is some heckler out there messing with the story’s rhythm! Thanks for the opportunity to share my pet peeve! And thanks for linking up with us at Inspire Me Mondays. We look forward to seeing you around!

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