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I am going to share with you some secrets and tips on how to buy American made Products. I will also share with you a new great way to support Women Owned Businesses in the another Post in this series It’s Easy To Support Women Owned Businesses. Keep reading and learn how to help do your share in supporting the United States Economy.

Most of us don’t know the impact our shopping habits are having on the United States and ourselves. We have a tendency to just go to the store and just throw stuff in a cart to get in and out of a store as fast as possible. We never even stop to look at where it was made or where it came from. It is easier than you think to make the choice to buy American Made Products, you just have to know the brands you are shopping for. That is why I am helping you, I have put together a couple of list of products and Brands to look for the next time you are shopping.

My next post in this Series goes into detail about why you should buy American Made products, I will share with you the consequences of our shopping routines in the United States, but today we will focus on how and where to buy the brands made in the America.

So you want to buy American but don’t know where to start.

According to Consumer Reports, “Few products except cars, textiles, furs, and woolens are required by law to reveal their American heritage. But when any manufacturer chooses to boast of an American connection, it must comply with federal rules designed to keep consumers from being misled.” You can tell if your purchase is not from The United States because, “One type of labeling law, enforced by U.S. Customs and Border Protection with an assist from the Department of Agriculture, requires imported goods to bear a country-of-origin label when they enter the U.S. If an import combines materials or processing from more than one country, the agency considers the country of origin to be the last country in which a “substantial transformation” occurred—for example, the place where a computer was fabricated, not the country that supplied most parts.

The USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service is responsible for administering and enforcing country-of-origin labeling of certain foods. Large retailers must use signs, labels, or stickers to identify the birthplace of covered commodities (most meat, fish, fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, and some nuts). That’s why some brands of salmon are labeled both “wild-caught Alaskan” and “Product of Thailand.” The fish was caught in U.S. waters but took a detour to Asia to be skinned and boned (to take advantage of cheaper labor) before making its return voyage. Under the law, that side trip must be noted.”

Enough of the technical stuff, let’s have some fun…

My new friend over at Organized 31 has compiled a very awesome and thorough list of products (with her reviews) that I am going to share with you. The links will take you to her page directly so you can see her greatness in action for yourself. Click the text links below to see her list of products (all links will open in a new tab).

Made in the USA

Reviews of American made products on Organized 31:

American Made Kitchen Products

Valentine’s Day Dog Treats

Itso Bins – Perfect for Storage

Organizing My Fridge with Binz

Kidecals – American Made Labels for Organizing Families

Organizing Hair Appliances & Accessories

My Favorite Bake-ware

Organize the Kitchen with Fresh Tape

Labeling Your Stuff for College

Re-purposed Office Organizing

Wall Decal Solution

Simple Pantry Organization

All-American Kitchen Organizing

As you can see she has put together quite a great list. Thank you Organized 31 for sharing with us.

Do you want to just see what Brands are American Made? Here is a list from Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports is my go-to when I am shopping for everything. I love using their Website for researching products before I buy them. I found this detailed list of Brands that are Made in the USA on their Website. I am truly grateful that there are companies around like this one that go through the hassle of testing and grading the items before I buy them.

Consumer Reports

 Product Companies
Apparel and accessories • Allen Edmonds shoes
• American Apparel
• Chippewa boots
• Filson apparel
• Kepner Scott children’s shoes
• Pendleton woolens (the Portland Collection and wool blankets and throws)
• Stetson hats
• True Religion and Texas jeans
• Wigwam socks
Housewares  • All-Clad, Lodge, and Nordic Ware cookware
• Bunn coffeemakers
• Dacor
• Harden Furniture
• Kirby and Oreck vacuum cleaners
• Lasko (mostly fans)
• Pyrex glassware
• Sub-Zero refrigerators
• Viking and Wolf ranges
Tools and home equipment  • Briggs & Stratton mower and tractor engines
• Channellock and Moody hand tools
• Maglite flashlights
• Purdy paintbrushes and rollers
• Shop-Vac wet-and-dry vacuum cleaners
• Stihl gasoline-powered equipment
Others • Airstream trailers
• Annin flags
• Crayola crayons
• Gibson and Martin guitars
• Hillerich & Bradsby (Louisville Slugger wooden bats)
• Little Tikes and K’Nex toys
• Sharpie markers
• Steinway pianos
• Wilson sporting goods (NFL footballs)

*Note from Consumer Report- This is a sampling of companies that make or assemble at least some of their products in the U.S. Note that a company’s entire output isn’t necessarily American-made. And some primarily American companies may have manufacturing facilities in more than one country to meet demand overseas.

 According to ShopSmart Magazine™ (a sister company of Consumer Report) the brands you want to stick with are:

Clothing – American Apparel, Lands End and LL Bean

Large Appliances – Amana and Maytag

Small Appliances – Kitchen Aid and Vitamix blenders

Vacuums – Kirby and Oreck

Cookware – All Clad, Lodge, Nordic Ware and Pyrex

Kids – Crayola, Little Tikes and Tinkertoy

ShopSmart Magazine™ also recommends the Websites below for a more in depth list. If you are like me and prefer to shop online or would like a longer list and more information go to these websites that specialize in selling American Made Products only.

Made in USA – There goal is to make shopping fun and easy. From the practical to the premium, it’s all cool. Every item is 100% guaranteed to be produced in the USA. Quality, style, and Made in the USA — You have their promise.

Americans Working – The American Made Products Directory is sorted by categories of products that are Made in the USA. Many of the companies listed  in their directory feel American people come above profits at any cost as so many corporations practice today. Some say you pay more for American Made items and maybe you will, however in the long run you will almost certainly have a better made item made in a labor friendly fashion under environmental laws that protect us all. Most foreign factories operate in ways that would be illegal in the United States

Made in America Forever – They are the MadeInUSA! Product search Engine and Database. They have listings of websites with products sold on the Internet that are Made in America only. This Organization is dedicated to bringing the jobs and prosperity back to the United States of America.

You most definitely want to check out those Websites and do a little shopping from your computer. Remember, your choice is making a huge mark on our economy. Make the right choice now.

You can also read more information about Why to buy American Made Products in my next Post in this Series. Also look for my great article on It’s Easy To Support Women Owned Businesses.


Do you look for the Made in the USA Logo when you shop? Are you going to try to be a better Citizen now that you know how easy it is? Tell me in the comments below.