Gage Went To The Doctors Today- Thursday’s Update

OK, here’s the scoop! We need to keep Praying!!

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Gage had a Doctors appointment today with the Kidney Specialist. His Kidney Levels are slightly worse but they say that’s not uncommon after the Chemo because the cells are dying.

Read about his Kidney problems here at- Gage’s Kidney problems

His Blood Count is slightly better then it was last week. Good news, since he only has half the amount of blood as the rest of us.

He has to be admitted for his next Chemo Treatment now and they moved the date up to next week Thursday. He also now has to get 6 months of Chemo verses the original 3 months. His Chemo Treatments will be every 2 weeks for the next 2 Treatments and then jump to 3 weeks apart for the next 6 months.

He went to school for a half day on Monday and Wednesday but wasn’t able to make it on Tuesday because he overdid it on Monday and was sick from it. He didn’t go today either, mostly because of his Doctors appointment.

We really need to keep praying, this isn’t turning out as good s they hoped it would.

Leave Gage your words of witty wisdom and support below. He really does read them all and loves to here that so many people care!!!

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25 thoughts on “Gage Went To The Doctors Today- Thursday’s Update

  1. Gage, I’m so happy that you are doing as well as you are. I, as well as so many others will continue offering prayers for you and all the crazy medical vampires that keep poking and proding you. Just think, you’re one of 3 in a million. I could have told them that. Love and Hugs.

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  2. Gagey,
    There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not thinking of you or praying for you. You come from 2 very strong parents, therefore you are strong too! You will overcome this. Love you.

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  3. Hey Gage! I’ve never officially met you but I’ve been to Haiti with your awesome dad! I’ve been praying for you since our trip in January and will continue praying! You sound like a great person and I know God will take care of you. Hope to meet you some day too!

    Kristina Graham

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  4. Hi Gage, I went to Haiti with your parents a couple years ago and I remember meeting you at the information meeting. You talked about going on the next trip and were determined to go, even though I don’t think that was your mom’s plan. You definitely have an inner strength so I pray you continue to stay strong.

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