Memories From My Mom

Torsch Farm

Torsch Farm

This is a guest post from my mom Cheryl in response to my Post:

Earliest Childhood Memory– 30 Day Blog Challenge

 I guess I know where I get my writing  ability now!

I have fond memories of visiting that same farm as a child in the 50’s and continuing through until Grandpa, Grandma and then years later, Uncle Enos had all passed away.

I can still hear the creaking of that farmhouse door along with the clunking of the cow bell chime. I can almost smell bread and cookies baking in that old wood stove oven.


Grandma had a way of making each and every one of her grand kids feel important. She would give us little jobs to do like fill the wood cupboard with smaller chunks of wood and kindling, bring in a pail of potatoes, rutabagas and carrots from the root cellar out by the sap house or cut a bowl of lettuce greens from the garden. Grandma would thank us and tell us what good little helpers we were, she always had a positive attitude even though her life was rough.

Grandma loved God and her church. Each morning before breakfast everyone would kneel for a prayer and then a short scripture.

Popcorn Balls

Popcorn Balls

Another one of my favorite memories was sleeping on the couch next to the Christmas tree that had that wonderful spruce smell. Grandma decorated it with bubbling candle lights, strings of popcorn and shiny brights. I can almost smell that spruce smell that became stronger as the old strings of lights heated up. Over the holidays there was always popcorn balls made with lots of molasses. Grandma would pop corn on the wood stove then we would all butter our fingers and form the hot sugary corn into sometimes giant balls of yum.

Sometimes I was given the important job in the late afternoon of walking or riding the old bike through the maple woods and down the back road to the detached back 40 to bring the cows home to be milked. Actually, it was an easy job because the cows knew what to do. I just had to open the gate and go along behind them to make sure they didn’t stop along the road to eat. The cows knew where to turn off the road to go on the family road back through the maple woods and to the barn. But again, I was made to feel like I just did a very important and hard job.


Fun times and good memories. 

Share some of your memories in the comments below….

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