Gage’s Medical Update For Sunday

Gage and Krista At Home

Gage seems to be doing better..

On Friday after coming home from the hospital Gage’s Medical Update- He still needs our Prayers and support he was exhausted. He slept a ton, and then got to sleep in on Saturday morning. During the day on Saturday he had more energy and had a lot of visitors come see him. That’s good for his recovery, keeping his spirits up.

He is exhausted and weak because his Kidney’s are only functioning at 25% and not making the blood and Bone Marrow that they are supposed to.

It’s a good thing they have him on so many Steroids, it will build his muscles up for the weakness lol.

He goes back in next week on Tuesday for a blood draw and then to the Nephrology/Rheumatology Clinic (Kidney Doctor) on Wednesday. Hopefully they will find out a lot more then.

His next Chemo Therapy Treatment is in 2 weeks.

Gage also has to eat a low sodium diet. Krista is struggling with recipes and finding food for his low sodium diet, if you have any recipes to share put them in the comments below.

Keep up the prayers and comments to show Gage our support.

I promised you more information about his Kidney problems:

Click this link to learn more  from my post about Gage’s Kidney problems

6 thoughts on “Gage’s Medical Update For Sunday

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  2. I love the updates! Thank you! You are on my mind throughout the day. I keep a list of people who need some extra love on my desk at school, so I think of you often, Gage.

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