Gage’s Medical Update- He still needs our Prayers and support

This is as of 1:31 pm on Friday – Gage needs our prayers and support more than ever now that he will be at home and not closely monitored by the hospital staff. This is what we know since Gage Update For Friday Morning. The Kidney Doctor just met with them. They are letting Gage go home today. He said the inflammation in his system is going down. That means he will likely only have to do 3 more Chemo Therapy Treatments verses 6 like they initially thought. This is good news, if he continues to improve.

They won’t know whether his kidneys are making Bone Marrow on their own for the next few weeks. They have to do a few more blood tests (a few weeks’ worth). Please say Prayers that he doesn’t have to continue getting injections to produce blood. Since his Kidney’s aren’t doing it on their own.

He will get weekly blood draws to check blood and kidney function. So it will be a while before we know if his kidney function will ever improve or just stay working at only 25%.  If you want to know more about his disease read this post from yesterday Gage’s Kidney levels are getting worse.

They expect him to be tired for a couple of weeks but he should be mostly back to normal activities after 3 weeks or so. Best part is that the rest of his infusion treatments should be outpatient. Yaaa!!

A little snafu happened this afternoon, the nurse took Gage’s IV out and all was good for a minute. He went into the bathroom to get dressed and he started pumping blood out of the IV site. After 10 minutes of pressure the nurse has him taped up and good to go. They aren’t sure why that happened, it might be from the medications he has to take. Hopefully it’s nothing serious.

Continue to post comments for Gage below this post. He loves to know he has all of your prayers and support more than anything else.

I will post more in-depth later about his Kidney Disease (problems)….. I will also continue to keep you updated once he gets home and settled in…….

Gage Leaving Hosptal

Gage Leaving Hosptal

17 thoughts on “Gage’s Medical Update- He still needs our Prayers and support

  1. Gage, you are on my mind a lot! I said a prayer before I went to bed and again this morning. Crazy things happen….. you can beat this! Mrs. Jarvis

    P.S. Tell that crazy sister of yours (Jaz) that I am thinking of her, too.


  2. Gage –

    Glad to hear you are going home! If you are bored while at home, hit me up. I have 60 essays to grade and I will share the reading with you😃

    Positive energy your way – Ms. DeLuca

    P.s. Not sure how I feel about you returning to your home in Hell ❤️. LOL


  3. Have been praying for you since I first heard you were having troubles and I will continue until I know you’re O.K. It breaks my heart to know you are going thru this. There must be a plan that we haven’t been shown yet, but it’s hard to know you’re hurting. Much Love Babar


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