Gage Update For Friday Morning

Keep Praying! It was a long night. Gage started his 1st Chemo Treatment at 9:30 pm last night. They had to wake him up every hour to pee until 5:00 am. The Chemo can’t sit in his Kidney’s or Bladder or it will cause more damage.

They had to wait all day yesterday for his urine counts to go up high enough. They needed to be at safe levels for the harshness of Chemo Therapy to not hurt him more.

As of 11:58 am – We are waiting for the Doctors to have a meeting and then come back with an update. I will update you once we find out more today.

Gage is so happy, surprised and grateful for all the support and prayers from the post Gage’s Kidney levels are getting worse. It is keeping his spirits up to read the comments and hear that sooo many people care about him. He loves to laugh, so thank you for the humor at times in the comments too.

Show your support! Comment to Gage at the bottom of this post..

Here is a cute picture from last night of Gage and my Grandson Brayden chillin’ in the hospital bed watching Finding Nemo.

Gage and Brayden

Gage, Brayden and Travis


11 thoughts on “Gage Update For Friday Morning

  1. I am so thankful to your Aunt for creating this way of communicating with you! Now I can stop bugging your mom for updates.! Plus i get to see you! What a bummer your having to go through all this, but you have a lot of love and support, stay positive. Olivia is blowing my phone up today about updates (so obviously she is not getting anything accomplished at school lol)! We hope to get down there tonight for a visit if that is still ok? I will keep an I on this page and keep Olivia updated. Lots of Love, Hugs and Kisses coming your way! xoxoxo


  2. So as you can see I’m not all that computer “savvy”! I didn’t think my first comment worked so I re-typed it! Now you have two of the same messages UGH!!!!! Oh well, at least you know we are all thinking of you! LOL


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  4. Hi Gage. Hugs all the way from Florida. So happy u r back home. We are following you via grandma Cheryl and Hillbilly momma. Keep on Improving each day. Keep your faith. You are a great disciple for Christ. We continue to pray for you. Did you get a bell you can ring for your mom and dad when you want something? Keep them on their toes. Ha ha. Lov ya. Say hi to your family for us

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