Gage’s Kidney levels are getting worse

Gage Hospital Vasculitis

Gage Hospital

We really need your prayers hard and heavy right now. Come on friends let’s pull together and help Gage. They just found out that his blood count and Kidney numbers are going lower instead of higher. The Kidney Doctors just came and talked to them. He can’t go home now and they are starting him on Chemo Treatments.

His blood count is at 8 grams/dL right now, Normal is 14 – 18 grams/dL . That means he has almost half the blood in his body that he is supposed to have. The Kidneys are what is supposed to be producing the blood and they aren’t doing it because of the bleeding caused by his Vasculitis. This is a totally different story from yesterday’s Gage is Out of Surgery and Feeling Good.

Vasculitis is a general term for a specific type of Autoimmune Disease. The Doctors have decided that the type Gage has is called “Good Pastures” (not very good). I have posted some information about it below but you can find More Info Here also.

Gage’s Disease is getting worse instead of better; please pray with us that a miracle will happen. He is trying to stay in good spirits; at this point in time any good news will help him. Thank you for following along with us on this horrible journey, we greatly appreciate all of the support you are giving Gage. Please post comments of support to Gage on this post. He would love to hear from everyone.

New text from my sister Krista – “Please continue praying….We don’t get to go home now. The biopsy shows his kidneys are a bit worse than we thought they would be. So they are starting chemo treatments in a bit. He doesn’t have cancer but they use chemo as an intense immunosuppressant. Big bummer. They’ve told us that this is serious. But they are pretty confident that adding the new treatment will work to stop more kidney damage. They referred to his kidney inflammation as a raging forest fire. 😔

Goodpasture’s Disease (also known as Goodpasture Syndrome, anti-glomerular basement membrane disease, anti-GBM disease) is an uncommon condition which can cause rapid destruction of the kidneys and bleeding into the lungs. Most physicians reserve the name Goodpasture’s disease (or syndrome) for the disease produced when the immune system attacks a particular molecule that is found in the kidney and the lung, the Goodpasture antigen. Confusingly, some use the term ‘Goodpasture Syndrome’ to refer to any patient with lung hemorrhage and severe nephritis, regardless of which disease caused it.

Kidney disease

The kidney disease primarily involves the glomeruli (filtering units). It is usually only recognized when an explosive acceleration of the disease process occurs, so that kidney function can be lost in days (rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis, RPGN; also known as crescentic nephritis). Blood leaks into the urine, the amount of urine passed declines, and fluid and urea and other waste products are retained in the body. This is renal failure. Renal failure only causes symptoms when 80% or more of the total function of the kidney has been lost, and at first symptoms may be very vague: loss of appetite moves on to sickness, and when kidney damaged is advanced, breathlessness, high blood pressure, and swelling caused by fluid retention.

49 thoughts on “Gage’s Kidney levels are getting worse

  1. The Boaks are thinking of you guys and our heart breaks that he has to fight this disease at his young age. He is a tough kid and we are continuing to send good thoughts, prayers and love your way. Thanks for keeping us updated

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  2. Gage,
    You got those, keep the faith brother.
    Always here for yas, always in our prayers and always in our thoughts.
    See ya soon.
    Love you.
    Tom, Di and Abby.


  3. Gage, it looks like you have a lot of people sending their love, support and prayers. I don’t know you, but I’d like to add myself to that list. I’m looking forward to hearing great news on how you’re doing very soon! 🙌


  4. Gage,
    I hope that you feel better so that God can continue using you in the way he has planned. Whatever that is. Much love.

    Hannah and Maggie


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  7. My prayers for Gage’s healing and for your whole family through this ordeal. (I hope that’s not intruding – you liked a blog post of mine and I feel like it’s the polite thing to do to check out that person’s blog when they’ve done that, and then I saw this and wanted you to know we’re praying, too.)

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  9. We have just prayed that God’s will for Gage’s life will be done and that complete healing will be God’s will. We will continue to remember Gage in prayer and look forward in faith to the day his health will be restored.

    In His Name,

    Ron and Claudia

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  10. I just came across your blog after you “liked” mine. This site is touching and very powerful. Though I don’t know Gage personally, I feel as though I do from the many friends and family supporters who speak to him on this site. My prayers go out to you all.

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