Gage is Out of Surgery and Feeling Good



This is an update from my sister Krista about my nephew Gage, keeping you updated from Prayers Needed For Crazy Medical Problem.

He’s out of Surgery and is doing awesome! He just ate some chicken salad, which was fun to watch because he has to lie down for a couple more hours. Lol! We’ve talked with a couple different kidney Doctors already today. They will start his infusion in a couple of hours, which means we will get to leave tomorrow!! Assuming we can get an appointment at the joint Rheumatology/Nephrology clinic for Thursday next week (they only run the joint clinic on one Thursday a month). We should get the Kidney Biopsy results at that point. This is all great news.

We also learned that his kidneys are currently only working at 25%. Yikes!

Only 25% of his kidneys work right now because he’s still in Kidney Failure. It may never get better or it might totally get better over time. The Blood and Biopsy results will tell us more about that. They don’t start dialysis until Kidney function is under 10%. So we’re good! For Now!!

Please keep the prayers coming, They are definitely helping.

Have you gone through a medical situation that only the miracle of God got you through? Comment below about your experience.

2 thoughts on “Gage is Out of Surgery and Feeling Good

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