I made Pot Holders.. I finally used my Serger

Handmade Pot Holders

Handmade Pot Holders

Dish Towel and Batting

Dish Towel and Batting

Serging the Pot Holder

Serging the Pot Holder

I’m officially a big girl now in the world of sewing (in my own eyes)unlike before I found my sewing Serger in the chaos. I tackled the beast. I finally used my Sewing Serger after all of these years. All of my pot holders are disgusting and stained. No amount of bleaching and washing would get them clean. I decided this was a great reason to bust out my Serger and make some new pot holders.

Don’t get me wrong, I talked and sweated about it for a week or so before actually tackling my fear of the beast. My mother in law is great and gave me a little push by giving me some batting for the inside part of my pot holders. She needs me to figure out this stupid machine so I can teach her how to use it. She is an awesome sewer and quilter but she has never used a Serger before but wants to try it out.

I inherited some dish towels from cleaning out my brother in-laws apartment (different post here Organizing and Purging). I took the dish towel cut in in half, placed it over the batting and traced it. After cutting out the batting and pinning it in between the 1st half of the towel I was ready to start serging. YIKES, not really it was super fun and easy to do. I forgot to tell you that the books I purchased from Amazon came and are very helpful, so with the help of my handy dandy books I was able to set up the stitch length and differential feed. I still have no idea what those mean but the book told me what to set them at, ha-ha. I’m sure if I read about it in the book I would understand it, but nah, not now.

I breezed through making 2 brand new pot holders that are stain free and I have the gratification of knowing I made them by conquering the beast. Now when something needs to come out of the oven I don’t cringe and become annoyed having to use my old gross pot holders. I am very proud of my accomplishment

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