I found my sewing Serger in the chaos

Scrared of my Serger
Yup that’s right; I found my never used even one time sewing Serger in the messy chaos. I have always been intimidated by the whole 4 spindles of thread and 2 needles at the same time thing. I have a hard enough time keeping one needle threaded and sewing correctly. So 8 years ago I did what any intimidated scaredy-cat would do, I hid the Serger from myself. I had no choice; it haunted and taunted me when I could see it just sitting there. Yes you are right, I did remember about it periodically and I would think to myself that I needed to put my big girl panties on and at least try threading it. There was ALWAYS something way more important to do instead like pinning things about sewing, haha.
Are you sitting down??? When I was moving stuff around in the “stairway Room” to make room for the messy chaos I found my hiding spot. I took it a step further and actually took it out of the case and lived. I didn’t have a panic attack or anything. I didn’t even have to do any deep breathing exercises. I put it on my kitchen table so I was sure to not be able to ignore it any longer. Guess what, I actually messed up a couple of pieces of scrap material messing around with it. Trust me the user guide makes NO SENSE what so ever and is no help. I solved that problem I logged into Amazon and ordered 2 books made for beginners and hopefully idiots too. Because who waits over 8 years to just thread a darn machine? That’s right, an idiot! The books came yesterday so I am going to read (skim) through them and face this demon once and for all. More to come!!!

6 thoughts on “I found my sewing Serger in the chaos

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