Prayers Needed For My Dad

Enlarged Prostate Gland

Enlarged Prostate Gland

I have been doing research and learning more about medical conditions in the last few weeks than ever in my life. I feel like I could go to medical school and ace it lol. Not really but it would be a great salary to have. If you read my last post Prayers Needed For Crazy Medical Problem you know about my nephews very scary Autoimmune Disease Vasculitis. Well now we need more prayers please, for my dad.

I will give you a little history; my dad just had Hernia surgery 2 weeks ago. Yes, it was supposed to be a fairly low key surgery, in and out as an outpatient procedure. Nope, not so much, he couldn’t pee after his surgery for hours so they had to keep him overnight. That was just what he and my mom wanted. After being catheterized again poked and prodded, they finally released him. He has been in a ton of pain and feeling miserable.

This last Thursday he went to the doctors, 2 weeks post-surgery he claimed his “urine was still nuclear and not right”. Not to mention he could feel a lump filled sac where his hernia mesh was supposed to be. What a mess right? Just wait! His doctor thankfully decided to be thorough and did a Prostate Dexterity Test. My dad’s Prostate was enlarged and didn’t feel right. The doctor then ordered a PSA Blood Test to check his levels. Normal is around 4 and my dad was at 22.

After researching what that meant it doesn’t sound good. My dad most likely has Prostate Cancer and will be going to see a Specialist in 2 weeks. So if you could please say a prayer for him we would appreciate it. A speedy recovery from here on out with no more complications is what we are aiming for. Thank you for your support, I will keep you updated. as new things arise.

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